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Why Does God Love Me 

Why does God love me? Why does He care?
I know I'm not worthy, but He's always there.
He's kept and protected me all through the years,
And loved me and coddled me and calmed all my

It's not what I've done, or ever can do,
That makes life exciting and everything new. 
It's the faith the He gave me and the truth that He
How I'm counted as sinless because Jesus' blood

And that's why I love Him and serve Him each day,
Because I know He loves me and He'll lead the way.
I can trust Him and know that His will is the best.
There's no need to worry. In Him I find rest.

How long will God love me? How long will He care?
At the end of forever God's love will be there.
He will always be caring, protecting and leading,
And giving me all that He knows I am needing.

Author: Bob Hefner