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The Lonely Child 

She was the brightest of them all, they said
With hair of gold and a sunny smile,
She was always joining in at school,
But that all changed when she came home.

She unlocked the front door,
Stepped on to the muddy, green carpet,
To see her mother's bruised face,
And her little sister lying, lifeless and still on the floor.

She heard her father call her name
And saw his eyes, shiny and wild,
He unhooked his belt, he laughed at her face,
He beat her until she was black and blue.

The next night she didn't come home,
But if had done she would have seen:
Her mother shot dead lying on the floor,
Her sister sprawled next to her,
Her father hanging from a rope in the ceiling
And in the middle of them all,
A lonely girl bruised and drowned in tears,
Lifeless and dead as a violin without strings.

The police, they came to the house,
And saw the family dead, lying on the floor like ragdolls,
And into the little girls' bedroom they went,
Into her baby sister's crib.
Under the bed they found a pile of papers.
On the front was written "The Story of a Lonely Girl".

These are the terrible things that happen today,
So please help make it stop,
If this sad story has touched you in any way,
Look for the signs, look at your friends,
Does it remind you of anyone??? January 2003 

Author: Chloe, 12, England, UK


 All Art is ©ChantalPoulin All rights reserved.