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The Golden Gates

The golden gates were open
And heavenly angels smiled
And with their tuneful harp string
Welcomed the little child.

They shouted "high and holy"
A child has entered in,
And safe from all temptation
A soul is sealedfrom sin.

They led him through the golden streets
On to the King of King's,
And a glory fell upon him
From the rustling of their  wings.

The Savious smiled upon him
As none on earth had smiled,
And Heaven's great glory shone around him
The little earth-born-child.

On earth they missed the little one,
They mourned and wept and sighed,
And wondered if another such
As theirs had ever died.

Oh! had they seen through those high gates
The welcome to him given,
They never would have wished their child
Back from his home in Heaven.

~Author Unknown~