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I Wept

Every journey has to 
begin with a first step;
mine was the day I recognized
myself as a sinner and I wept.

I wept because I saw the
filthy sin abiding in me;
I wept because I saw that
Jesus desired to set me free.

I wept because Iíd never
known unadulterated love;
I wept because I was being
given an eternal home above.


I wept to wash away the filth
by which Iíd once been stained;
I wept since recognizing
the new status in life Iíd attained.

Attained not through
any work Iíd ever done,
no I attained it because of
that loving act of Godís own Son.

You see Jesus lovingly
gave up His life for me, 
so that I too could abide
in Heaven throughout eternity.

I wept then for the
joy that filled my soul,
and sometimes I weep when
I think I may not reach the goal.

The goal my Heavenly Father
had in mind as He created me,
the goal that He still 
intends to be my destiny.

The goal He pictured when
He created the Great Master Plan,
the destiny he sees while 
molding me in His hand.

I weep when I neglect to surrender 
at the start of any new day,
because I realize I canít
on my own live it His way.
I weep as I apologize
for the mistakes I often make;
I weep when I accept
the mercy offered for my sake.
I weep because Iím so blessed 
to know my Heavenly Savior,
and to have been
forgiven my sinful behavior.

I weep for those who havenít
had that opportunity yet,
as I ask God to help me
their undivided attention to get.
To get their attention by
sharing the salvation story,
so they too may choose
to take part in Heavenís Glory.
Iíll weep once more as
I enter Heavenís Gate, 
as I see again all of my loved
ones whoíve gone ahead to wait.
But the most heart-rending
weeping Iíll ever do,
will be that first time Dear Jesus
that I stand before You!
©~Barbara Philbrook~ 
Used with permisssion
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