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"A Little Rain"

I asked this question, of my Father above,
"Why do bad things happen to the people I love?"
The answer has long been misunderstood,
Why tragedy occurs to the just and the good.

The Lord whispered softly, in a voice sweet and low,
"You'll find the answer in the Book I left you, centuries ago."
He allows the rain to fall on His sheep,
To keep us humble, forgiving, and meek.

A little rain must fall on every life.
This world is full of sorrow and strife.
He makes the rain fall on the lost and unjust,
In order to gain their repentance and trust.

He hopes to increase our virtues
And to get our priorities straight,
So, when the death angel comes, to carry us home,
He'll be waiting for us at the gate.

Author Unknown



Written and composed by: Mary Hession, entitled "Dancing Raindrops!

Please feel free to visit her wonderful site right Here.  Mary Hession